If you wish to print this form and fill it out later, please save or print the following PDF: Physician Coding Survey


1. Please list your annual number of patient visits and the annual revenue:

  # Annual Visits Annual Revenue Do you code ICD-10-PCS, CPT or Both?

2. What is your current cost to code on an annual basis?

Annual Cost
Average coder $ rate per hour
Average $ amount of benefits per coder
Total # of coders (FTE)
Supervisor/Manager average $ rate per hour
Supervisor/Manager average $ rate of benefits
Total # of Supervisors/Managers FTE
Outside contracting IP
Outside contracting OP
Continuing education/training costs
Staff overtime total costs
Square footage dedicated to coding
Total number of workstations
Recruiting/Hiring costs
Coder signing bonuses
Coder retention bonuses

4. What is your production standard for coders per hour?

Work Type Per Hour
Surgical visits
E & M visits
E & M w/procedure visits

5. How many denied claims have you had in the past year?

7. How many FTE's are assigned to reworking denials?

8. What is the charge per chart and the annual volume of outsourcing?

Work Type Charge per Chart Annual Volume
Patient visits
E & M visits
E & M w/procedure visits
15. Please add any other information that you feel would be helpful for us to know.